2017 Sweden women’s European home and away kit


Women’s Euro 2017 is coming soon,we are about to see many beautiful players play against each other as a team,and part of the Euro kits had showed their faces,now we’d like to take a close look at 2017 Sweden women’s European home and away kit.

2017 Sweden women’s home jersey uses yellow as main color,which is Sweden traditional color,and the cuff,sponsor logo,team badge and collar also uses blue,making the jersey rather than fresh and noble,also it looks good when the girl put that on.

2017 Sweden women’s away jersey is different from home kit,or we can say that it’s same as the home jersey.this away kit uses blue as main color,and design yellow cuff,logo and badge.Besides,the away kit designs round collar while home kit’s collar is designed with buttons.

Portland Timbers 2017 home Jersey


Portland Timbers 2017 home Jersey is a classic forest-green and gold soccer shirt,inspired by the Portland Timbers that fought in the North American Soccer League in 70s,20th century.Besides,silver is the third color on this home kit,a silver star that represents 2015 Timbers MLS Playoff Championship is shining above the club badge.

The gold lyrics ” There’s a party in Portland,No one is sleeping tonight ” is printed on the inside of the green collar,and this is part of the song of ” Party Portland “,which encourages all the Timbers players and fans to chase next champion.When we look at the back neck of the collar,there are one green ax and one gold ax which are exactly the symbol of Portland Timbers and Portland Thorns FC,it reminds us that all Portland soccer fans would support both Portland soccer teams,and these two teams will stick together closely just like these two axes does .

And naturally this Portland soccer club add a flag of Portland on the hem of Portland Timbers Jersey,like the fans say ”We born in Portland,we die in Portland”.

Football Transfer

When we look back on the football history,there are thousands of wonderful matches,and there is something beyond the game but also attracts all football fans,managers,coaches,players and even owners,it is transfer.Transfer is a great opportunity for football players to move on their career successfully and clubs to get someone can fit in better,and also fans would be thrilled when their team get someone they expect for ages.And in the last 30 years,especially in twenty-first Century,those powerful clubs like Chelsea FC,Manchester United,Real Madrid,FCB,Manchester City,PSG,they never give up any chance to get super stars to make a better team.Below it is a short list of football transfer during 2000 to 2009.

In 2000,Luis Figo who just finished his European Cup journey,moved to Real Madrid from FC Barcelona.What really surprised us is this transfer is not only between Barcelona and Real Madrid these great enemies,it also helped Real Madrid won La Liga champion in his first season,and here began the time of Galactico,what’s happened after that it’s quite famous,Real Madrid got Zidane,Ronaldo,Beckham and Owen,et al.

In 2003,Ronaldinho successfully completed his transfer to FC Barcelona from PSG.Ronaldinho helped FC Barcelona came back to Champions League with only half a year,this transfer it is more important than it was at that time when the deal came out.

The summer of 2004,Manchester United completed the signing of Rooney.Although Rooney haven’t achieved what he was expected by fans,when you watch the games he fought again the invincible Arsenal FC and the performance at European Cup,I am sure he is not letting us down.

In 2007,Ribery accepted an offer from Bayern Munich and start a new era with local players Rahm and Bastian Schweinsteiger.It is a successful transfer that brought all these talented players together,and made Bayern Munich a top team so far.

2009,Cristiano Ronaldo joined Real Madrid,it’s a great deal for Real Madrid.And Ronaldo is playing a outstanding career along with Benzema,Kaka,Ozil and other super stars,we have more chances to watch Ronaldo again Messi,so it’s also a great deal for all the fans.

Raul Gonzalez Blanco


He was born on 27th June,1977 in Madrid,Spain.He was the captain of Real Madrid and Spain National Football Team,he is Raul Gonzalez Blanco.

The idea that Raul would never leave Real Madrid was so determined to me till 2010.In that Summer time of 2010,he left this club that he has fought for 16 years,he left Estadio Santiago Bernabeu,the famous Read Madrid stadium that we all witnessed his remarkable performance there,550 games,228 goals,83 assists.However,these statistics are not the whole contribution he had made,741 official games for Real Madrid,323 goals,he has so many nick names from Real Madrid fans,he is the soul of Bernabeu,the Legend No.7,the Lord of the ring.He dedicated every piece of him until joined Schalke 04.We always like to call him a cold-blooded killer on the court,he also is a nice friend and good husband,a good father.

Raul never win FIFA World Player of the Year or European Footballer of the Year,and he doesn’t really care about that,all he wanted was play for Real Madrid that he spends his whole life fighting for and supporting,of course he does not want to leave this team.”I cannot leave Madrid because there are shopping malls where I would like to wander through with my wife,and Park that my son loves” he said,”I love Real Madrid,no one will think that I want to leave,but I really never thought about leaving,but if I have to sacrifice myself so that the team can achieve good results,then I am willing to leave.” and then he left.

He is my favorite football player. He’s Raul Gonzalez.

Pohang Steelers 2017 kit

Pohang Steelers

Many western soccer fans might know not so much about K-League,not to mention K-League teams,and today I will introduce a K-League team to you by sharing some information about their 2017-18 jerseys,and What I talk about is Pohang Steelers,which just released 2017 away and Home Jersey not so long ago.

Pohang Steelers 2017 home jersey use red and black,which are club’s traditional color,with red and black horizontal stripe design,actually if you watch this home jersey in the distance,you might not tell a huge difference between new kit and lat year’s kit,but there are some new ideas on about this home shirt,like that sponsor logo and those fabulous patterns.On the back neck,there are five shining golden stars represent five league champions that club have won in 1986、1988、1992、2007、2013,and showing their ambition to purchase the sixth title.

Pohang Steelers 2017 away jersey uses sky blue,and also with two white stripes on the shoulder.The white collar follows the retro design,and creatively add two blue striped decoration.

Pohang Steelers 2017 home goalkeeper jersey is pink,and I believe it will be so popular among the girl fans,Pohang Steelers 2017 away goalkeeper jersey is milk mix coffee,cute and clean.

Queens Park Rangers Football Club Special Edition jersey


Queens Park Rangers Football Club Special Edition jersey is to show their respect to that glorious history that they won the England League Cup in 1967.

This Queens Park Rangers FC special jersey was released right on the date when England League Cup was hosted,also the same time when QPR won the England League Cup 50 years ago,and it’s the only national title this club have ever won,at that time,Queens Park Rangers FC was underestimated because they were on a third level of the England Football League,or let’s say that there was no reason that they should be considered as a “champion challenger”,however,QPR defeated ever competitor,including West Bromwich Albion FC at the final,and here comes one of the most glorious moment we all know now.

Done with that history,we focus on the jersey,there are two versions of this limited shirt,white short sleeved players version and dark green long sleeved goalkeeper version,with blurry dark stripe pattern,and when we look closely and carefully,it would really surprise us all that these patterns are made up out of large match information about that game happened 50 years ago,including the game players,coaches,club members and everything.

2017 Albania Kit

Albania National Soccer Team released 2017 Albania Kit,including home kit,away kit,third kit.the main and third Jersey.Basically these three Albania only use white red black,three colors are all used on these three jerseys,that is one point I do admire,simple but also complex.

Albania Soccer 2017 home kit uses red as main color,back only happen on collar sponsor logo on the shoulder and sleeve.The away kit use white mostly,and also there is black collar and sleeve,the red tag is quite a attractive thing because it is the only red here.Albania third kit is black.These three 2017 Albania soccer Kit is rather be simplism,except for the color,diamond lattice pattern is really inspiring,they represent the feather of Albania Double-headed eagle,also represent Albania mountainous landform.Besides,red and black is also the color of the flag of Albania.They will be used in World Cup qualifiers matches.

Columbus Crew SC 2017 Home jersey

Columbus Crew SC 2017 Home jersey

Columbus Crew SC 2017 Home jersey is ready for the coming MLS season,to connect the club and the city Columbus,new jersey use golden shining yellow and black combination.

2017 Columbus Crew SC home jersey is respecting the club tradition,of course,it doesn’t mean there is no difference between 2017 season and last few year,first and obvious thing is that the sponsor logo is not the same,after all it is not the same sponsor,Acura which belong to Honda Corporation is in the house now.

The badge of the club is featured on the chest of shirt is attracting everyone’s attention,by using three-dimensional die-casting technology,the new badge is more exquisite and rich texture compared to the traditional badge.Besides,a silver star is right on the above of the badge,and this tiny sliver star is not normal because it tell a story that the team won 2008 MLS title,it’s so proud to share with every Columbus Crew fans,and to strengthen this feeling,the 2017 Columbus Crew home jersey specially add “Glory to Columbus” on the collar and a flag of Ohio on the back of the shirt,all these designs are mean to honor this city.

Toronto FC 2017 Home jersey

Toronto FC 2017 Home jersey

Toronto FC 2017 Home jersey just unveiled its mystery face to all Toronto FC fans,we are now expecting this Canadian MLS team to embrace “Dawn of The Reds”

There is no surprise that red becomes 2017 Toronto FC Home jersey main color,also with black sleeves.To make player feel better when they wear it,the new jersey uses special fabric production,also these red horizontal stripes just blend in so well,which offer a special visual perception.

As we know,Toronto is amulti-cultural city,and on the back neck,that “All For One” slogan of the team just tell every citizen of Toronto city that everyone is coming for one goal,to make this city better,to make Toronto FC better.Toronto FC exclusive color MLS armband just right on the both sleeves,especially the “The Reds” slogan,which represent the team,is placed on the right sleeve.The very symbol of Toronto,a metallic silver maple badge is tell us this is also a Canada soccer team.

Seattle Sounders FC 2017 Away Jersey

Seattle Sounders FC 2017 Away Jersey

MLS team Seattle Sounders FC 2017 Away Jersey is finally on the table now,and it really impress most of the Sounders fans,the new away jersey is paying respects to the club’s long glory history.

Seattle Sounders FC 2017 away Jersey is also called “Heritage Kit”,with white and light blue collocation design,which is inspired by that wonderful Seattle Sounders FC which belong to the North American Soccer League in last century 70 to 80s.So this new Seattle Sounders FC shirt is also connecting the history and culture of the team.

When we look at the details of the jersey,it is easy to find out that same as the retro shirt,2017 away shirt also use blue collar shirt design,the number and name on back of the jersey are also come in black,again there is no difference from the retro jersey,many loyal fans would really have a strong desire to put this new shirt on because somehow it can bring us back to the old time.

By using the new casting technology,the club badge is really stunning,when we look closer,space needle,the well-known Seattle landmark is standing like a gaint watching this city and pointing a gold star that hiding number “16”,proudly to tell all fans that Seattle Sounders FC just won 2016 MLS title.